0th SATOYAMARUN Highlight

The Eve Party


Local food
Opening Ceremony
A lot of meat
Cooking by local people
Speak his enthusiasm
Talk with local people



Warming Up
heart beating
smell of flower
Historic building
spend time with local people
Flesh Tomatoes
Give me five!!


The Eve Party|Mr.I

At the The Eve Party, we enjoyed ourselves, laughing, chatting and sampling the local produce.Interacting with local residents and people from various countries showed me how warm hearted people are.Initially I was a little nervous as this was the first time I had come here, but people were so nice and friendly it encouraged me to join in the conversation, chatting and laughing. This became one of my best memories. I am looking forward to the The Eve Party again next year. I can't wait!

The Eve Party|Mr.R

It was really a fresh experience for me to join a scene where people from various countries were having such a good time.I think it shows how friendly the Japanese can be showing that local people really love to welcome guests with a kind heart. I felt lots of Japanese people are very kind.And what you can't miss is, yes, the local Japanese dishes! I tried some for the first time, delicious!

The Eve Party|Ms.Y

This was a first-time experience for me, interacting with the local residents and people from various countries whilst enjoying the BBQ at the The Eve Party. The local residents kindly served us their food and their special local products. I could enjoy the food and appreciate the efforts made by the farmers and producers.I was very excited by my experiences at the The Eve Party which showed our foreign visitors so many positive aspects of Japanese culture.


This was the first time for me to participate in a marathon event. I was filled with anxiety at first as I worried whether I could finish it or not. But once I started running, I felt so good seeing the beautiful scenery of the rice fields of Nyukawa Village as I ran past and the local children cheering us along the road. Best of all, I was so happy and proud that I could complete the course. I hope I can come back next year.


It was a wonderful marathon with the course winding through autumnal golden rice-fields.We took part in the SATOYAMA RUN as a couple, and enjoyed running the course together. The running distance was not so long, but the course was interesting with some unique winding roads. We felt so good to see the magnificent countryside while running and enjoying the support of boys and girls waving to us along the way and even meeting dogs and goats along the route. We recommend the SATOYAMA RUN for couples as there is no official timing, enjoyment is more of a priority.

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