Original Event SATOYAMA RUN in HIDA TAKAYAMA 2017 Attractive points and instructions

Enjoy nature while running,
run through nature while having fun

“Original Event SATOYAMA RUN in HIDA TAKAYAMA 2017” is a community-based marathon,
which aims to be a creation of all the participants,
appreciating the beautiful scenery and enjoying communication with local people.
You can join this gathering with your family, friends, or of course by yourself.
We are really looking forward to having more people involved in SATOYAMA RUN.

Attractive points for Original Event SATOYAMA RUN

Marathon made by everyone

In this "Original Event SATOYAMA RUN in HIDA TAKAYAMA 2017", the participants are expected to decide various things intended for the first official marathon, happening next year. For example, the name of the official marathon cup, logo mark, method of measurement, methods of promoting the marathon cup or event, etc. The ideas given from participants will establish the system of this marathon. Why don't you put your name on the very first page of this marathon’s history?

Communication and creation with people from all over the world, in the rural scenery of Japan

Takayama city is rated three stars by the Michelin Green Guide Japan. Not only the famous, preserved old town of Takayama city, Nyukawa, the marathon location, also has beautiful rural sceneries and warm-hearted local people. Let this delightful region be the world-wide gathering spot!

Enjoy Eve Festival!

Of course it is usually forbidden to have an event like Eve Festival on the night before marathon day. But we’re doing it anyway! We believe this marathon gathering is a chance for world-wide communication. By meeting with local people, you may learn about a different way of life, or culture and history. We would like to offer such an opportunity to everyone.

Enjoy local foods!

The Nyukawa region where the marathon takes place is called City of Salad. The local specialties, tomatoes and spinach, just picked from the farm, are going to be served at the Eve Festival and also at the aid stations. Fully enjoy the fresh taste of vegetables which you may not be able to appreciate in the big cities.

Instructions for Original Event SATOYAMA RUN

  • The main purpose of the Original Event SATOYAMA RUN gathering is to build-up the marathon with everyone and since it is an "incomplete marathon meeting", no timing will be done. You can self-report your time.
  • For this marathon, vehicle entry control will not be conducted. The runners are expected to observe traffic rules and run on the side walk where available. (Observe other traffic rules appropriately, such as following traffic signals, and run on the right side of the road where no side walk is available.)

About Eve Festival

We will hold an eve party on the day before ordinary marathon. By having interaction with local people, you can learn their living, culture and history of Hida Takayama. This is the opportunity what we would like to provide you all SATOYAMA paticipants. We hope you all will enjoy BBQ with local vegitables and meats and the RUN become lively.

月日 9/16(sat)
Assembly point Arakawake
Reception time 17:50
※If you are not using a shuttle bus, please come to the assembly point by yourself.Since there is no parking lot, please don’t use a car.
Time of the party 18:00 - 20:00
Accesss We will pic you up to those hotel below.
●Syare Nakanishi MicroBus(Departure:17:40)⇒Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
●Shitanda MicroBus(Departure17:40)⇒ Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
●Joyful Honok MicroBus (Departure:17:30)⇒Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
●Ajinoyado Kawase MicroBus(Departure17:40)⇒Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
●Taue-so MicroBus (Departure:17:45)⇒Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
●Syakunage MicroBus (Departure:17:45)⇒Arakawake(Arrival:17:50)
What to Bring one flashlight for one person.
Entry fee Entry fee is included in run paticipation fee.
*Entry fee for companion: ¥2,000

Arakawake Access
141 Ohtani, Nyukawa-cho Takayama,506-2116 Japan

Emergency contact 080-6971-7677 (Tour conductor of JTB)


  • Please be punctual. Shuttle bus will leave on time.
  • If you were not able to find the assembly point or in case you couldn't make it on time please call the tour conductor.(080-6981-6568)
  • BBQ isn't all you can eat. Please understand that food is limited.
  • We cannot accept your individual food request. If you have food allegy, please be responsible to what you eat.


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