SATOYAMA RUN Information Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a parking lot at the Nyukawa branch office of Takayama City Hall (written as Nyukawa branch office hereafter) where is the reception place on the day before SATOYAMA RUN?
  • 'A parking lot is available in Around of the Nyukawa branch office.(
  • How can I get to the Nyukawa branch office, which is the starting point on the marathon day?
  • You can use public transportation (Nohi bus). The following local buses are available: those leaving from 'Takayama station', 'Shin-Hodaka ropeway', and 'Matsumoto bus terminal'. You can also come by your own car, or drop off/pick up your family and friends. In that case, please allow enough time coming to the site because some of the roads nearby may be used as the marathon course and will be regulated before, during and after the marathon. Nohi bus


  • Do you take care of finding accommodation?
  • Yes, we do. We can arrange bookings of accommodation. Please make your booking from the accommodation page found on the top page of this marathon website.
  • Where do you recommend staying?
  • We recommend you stay in Nyukawa area because the marathon starts early in the morning. You can make your booking from the accommodation page prepared for this marathon. If you come by train, it is convenient for you to stay near Takayama station. Then you can ride a local bus (Nohi bus) that goes near the starting point.

Reception registration on the previous day

  • Can you accept registration on the marathon day?
  • We do not accept reception on the day.
  • What do I need at the reception?
  • The reception card and commitment form we send to you at the final information contact, and the other must-have items that are written in the marathon rules. (They are subject to change. For details, check the final information document.) The must-have items will be checked at the reception venue, so please have them in your possession when you come to the reception venue. The must-have items are also planned to be sold at the venue.

About the marathon

  • I wonder if I can use the toilet during the marathon. How many toilet facilities are there within the course?
  • Toilets are provided at both the start and goal venues, as well as toilets will be set up along the course. Toilets are western-style and there are separate facilities for men and women.
  • Where is the toilet ?
  • total of five aid stations are going to be prepared, including one first-aid station, five water points, and two food-service stations. There will be lots of fresh vegetables including tomatoes and spinach from Nyukawa. You can also enjoy communication with local people at the aid stations.


  • What is the prize for participation?
  • You will receive an original t-shirt & Souvenir from the marathon committee.
  • Can I run the course for a test run?
  • Yes, you can. Markings made along the course are prepared just before the marathon day. Execute your test run after checking the course map or a commercially available map such as 1/25,000 topographical map by yourself.