Introduction of Nyukawa region

About the Nyukawa region

Surrounded by the mountains of Hida that are called “Japan's roof”, the Nyukawa region in Hida-Takayama city is a long area stretching from east to west, situated at the foot of Mr. Norikura. The region was merged into Takayama city on February 1, 2005. The Nyukawa region is famous for tomatoes and spinach, which makes people call the region 'the city of salad'.
The 'Sukuna pumpkin', which is a specialty product of this region, has a long shape like a loofah, measures 50 to 80 cm and weighs about 2.5 kg each or 5kg at the heaviest. It has a spotted pattern in dark green on the surface of its soft, pale green skin. The flesh is bright yellow and has a high sugar content, often being cooked into soup, dessert and simmered dishes.In Nyukawa, there is also a famous Buddhist Temple, Senkouji, that has a close connection with Enku, who is said to have carved 120,000 images of Buddha during his life.

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